I'm an Interior Designer from Oklahoma City. I graduated in 2010 with my Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design. I have worked for a Commercial Architect since I was in college, they gave me my start early on which has allowed my love for architecture and construction to grow. I've worked on some amazing projects over the years but now it is time to work on my true passion which is construction management and historic preservation. I love to design but it is such a small portion of a project. There's so much more that happens behind the scenes to allow a design to be realized. Working through the details with each trade to make sure a project comes together is what makes my job exciting. It's not the finished product but each carefully planned and thought out piece that makes a whole. 

I am currently working on my home that we purchased earlier this year. It was build in 1908 and sat vacant for almost 6 years. Together we are working towards restoring a piece of Oklahoma history while also creating our dream home. Thank you for following along on our adventure.